High School Student Pepper-Sprayed By The Police In His Own Home After Being Mistaken For Burglar! [Video]

High School Student Pepper-Sprayed By The Police In His Own Home After Being Mistaken For Burglar! [Video] High School Student Pepper-Sprayed By The Police In His Own Home After Being Mistaken For Burglar! [Video]

Pastor Juan McFarland Confesses To Adultery, Having AIDS And Illegal Drug Use Before His Congregants [Details]

Pastor Juan McFarland Confesses To Adultery, Having AIDS And Illegal Drug Use Before His Congregants [Details] Pastor Juan McFarland Confesses To Adultery, Having AIDS And Illegal Drug Use Before His Congregants [Details]

Too Much: Chainsaw Massacre Prank!

Too Much: Chainsaw Massacre Prank! Too Much: Chainsaw Massacre Prank!

Killer Clown Scare Prank! (Watch)

Killer Clown Scare Prank! (Watch) Killer Clown Scare Prank! (Watch)

Georgia Man Saves Baby Who Was Crawling Towards A Busy Highway! [Video]

Georgia Man Saves Baby Who Was Crawling Towards A Busy Highway! [Video] Georgia Man Saves Baby Who Was Crawling Towards A Busy Highway! [Video]


Worst Robbery Ever? Woman Loses Her Pants During Jewelry Heist! (Watch)
Really? California Man Robs Convenience Store With A Blowtorch! (Watch)
Judge Loses His Cool After Suspected Thief’s Public Defender Says He Ran Because “Of Cops Shooting Unarmed Black Men” [Video]
Inspiring: Meet Brooklyn’s Independent Volunteer Ambulance Service! (Video)
Social Experiment: Man Follows A Homeless Guy After Giving Him $100.00 To See How He Spends It! (Video)
(Watch) Top Ranked Player In The Country Ben Simmons Throws A CRAZY Self Alley Off The Backboard! (Video)
LOL: Couple Kissing In The Elevator Prank!
Watch: Roland Martin Debates MSNBC Host Mika Brzezinski Over Ratchet Reality Show “Sorority Sisters!” (Video)
You Knew It Was Coming: Indiana Cop Sells “Breathe Easy, Don’t Break The Law” T-Shirts In Reponse To “I Can’t Breath’ T-Shirts Supporting Eric Garner! (Video)
Keeping It Too Real: Actress Sherri Shepherd Makes Pork Chops With Auntie Fee! (Watch)
Priceless: Confused Toddler Meets Baby Twins For The First Time! (Video)
Like Really? S*x Predator Wins $3 Million In Lottery Jackpot! (Video)
Gone Viral: YouTube Star’s Song “Chocolate Rain” Gets 100 Million Views!!! (Watch)
Angry Grandpa Reacts To New York Grand Jury’s Decision To Not Indict The Cop Who Choked Out Eric Garner! (Video)
LMAO Throwback: The Best Scenes From The Movie Friday! (Video)
Jon Stewart Speaks On The Eric Garner Grand Jury’s Shocking Decision: “I Honestly Don’t Know What To Say!” (Video)
Oh Really: Lil Wayne Tweets That He Wants To Leave Cash Money Records! (Video)
Got To Love It: Baby Hears Noises For The First Time! (Video)
Beyond Scared Straight: Most Explosive Scenes (Video)
Inspiring: 11-Year-Old Boy Perfectly Sums Up The Issues In Ferguson In 2 Minutes!

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[Crunk Videos] – Should African-Americans receive reparations for over 250 years of racism and injustice? If so, how should it be awarded?
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On a recent segment on MSNBC’s “The Cycle,” guest host Angela Rye and the panel dug into the issue of “white privilege,†and why so many white Americans reject or cannot recognize this concept.

In a discussion about the need for an extension of long-term unemployment benefits and how that issue resonates more with minorities than white people, the panel insisted that majority privilege contrasts greatly with America’s debate over the “value of black life,†“with bullets.
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CrunkVideos.com has learned that a Detroit pastor named Bishop Allyson D. Nelson Abrams, has resigned from her position as pastor of Zion Progressive Baptist Church, after she revealed to her congregation earlier this month she had secretly married a woman.
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Check out this new series of reports called “3 Sons” unveiled by HLN News Now, which chats with three fathers, their three sons, who are all from three different races, about the case and how they are using the controversy over the shooting and the trial to talk to their children about race and justice in America.
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Crunk Videos has learned that a new study conducted by Wake Forest University School of Medicine concludes that two out of every five Black women (40%) avoid exercise because of fear of messing up their hairdo.
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Crunk Videos Open Discussion: Check out this video of a woman named Mia Douglas, aka Msprophet, said she hates all black men because they are all “A-holes!”
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Crunk Videos Exlusive: 97-year-old grandma made a presidential election campaign ad in support of President Obama that bashes Mitt Romney and his evil Republican cronies.

In the video, Grandma Marie says:

“And I want the Republican Party to know, if your voter suppression throughout this beautiful country enables Romney to oust Barack Obama we will burn this motherf**ker down. â€
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Crunk Videos has laerned that a man from China divorced and sued his wife for being ‘too ugly.’ And get this, he won the case banking $120,000 dollars.

Here’s what happened:
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Crunk Videos has learned that a man in Zimbabwe assaulted his wife because she ate the best pieces of his fried chicken dinner. And get this, he even took his wife to court for it and won.
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Crunk Videos has learned that a woman in Kentucky claimed that she was sleepwalking (dreaming about grilling Bar-B-Q) when she set fire and burned her apartment almost killing her heavily-medicated son who was sleeping inside.
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Dr. Cornel West Upset At President Obama For Using MLK Bible At Inauguration! [Video]
Angry Mom Arrested For Pulling Out A Gun During An Argument With Another Parent At Chuck E. Cheese! [Video]
Oh Snap!! Dennis Rodman Goes Off On CNN Anchor Over Political Questions Regarding North Korea: ‘I Don’t Give A Rats A*S What You Think!’
‘Mary Mary’s’ Tina Campbell Gets Personal And Talks About Her Husband’s Infidelity! [Video]
Model Catya ‘Cat’ Washington
“Racism Insurance” – Coverage For White Privilege (Comedy Skit)
Chicago Mother Loses Her 4th Child To Gun Violence! [VIDEO]
California Father Leaves 2-Year-Old Daughter In Truck While He Got Drunk In Strip Club! [Video]
Model Jayonna Fabro
MSNBC Host Melissa Harris-Perry Tearfully Apologizes Again On Air Over Mitt Romney’s Adoptive Black Grandson Controversy! [Video]
Mother of Nurse Who Contracted Ebola Talks About Her Daughter’s Battle Against The Deadly Virus: ‘She’s Trying To Get Stronger!’
Oh My: Man Has Dildo Removed From His Intestines That Was Inserted Into His Booty By Wife During Freak Session.
Trayvon Martin’s Stepmother Alicia Stanley Speaks Out: ‘Zimmerman Killed My Son!’ [Video]
Ratchet TV: ‘I’m Black, But My Wife Hates Being Black + She Might Be Cheating On Me With A White Man! [Video]
Two Men Say They Were Touched Inappropriately By A Maryland Cop! ‘He Went Down Into My Boxers, And Grabbed By Private Area! [Video]
Making History: Taylor Townsend Becomes Youngest Female Tennis Player To Reach Round 3 Of French Open! [Video]
Stand Up: Comedian George Wallace Speaks On The Younger Generation! [Video]